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Why do I have to login to gravatar.com to change my avatar when I did not have to do it before?

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I'm not sure how it happened, I may have changed some settings. But, If you change your avatar at gravatar.com then it will automatically display your avatar in online forums, blog comments (if they are using gravatar). You will just have to enter your email. So, you don't have to change your avatar on each website.


Thank you for your answer, Dan, but I prefer not to use Wikipedia for anything.

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It works fine for me! Gives me three options. Default, Gravatar and Choose your own image.

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Hi Ladyhorse,

I just changed my own avatar a few days ago, so I am pretty sure it still works...my old photo was from 2006, and I realized I can use my laptop's webcam to take a more recent photo.

I put my new photo onto the desktop, and then I went into my profile and uploaded it from there! I did not need to go through gravatar or anything like that...I did have to try the upload twice but the second time worked fine...hope it works out for you, would love to see you on here SOLVED more!


I must have forgotten how I did it before. I am not given three choices. When I select FAQ the menu only offers to change my avatar through Gravatar. I know I was able to do it in the past because I changed it more than once. Like Dan suggested he must have changed my settings because I changed it too much?? I only wanted to change my avatar and label it "#MeToo" because I have no other way to do that. I only have a desktop computer and a flip phone. My health problems will not permit me to participate here very much. In addition, I am too piecemeal and unacceptable.

BTW, we lost power late Friday afternoon and did not get it back until last night about 6:30. Temp. freezing & below in morning made a very cold weekend!

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