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What it means is, the people in the U.S needs to have paid subscriptions to access individual websites. By doing this, people will only pay for limited websites which will be like Gmail, Youtube, and other larger sites.

This was proposed many times before but not implemented but there is again a proposal.


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I see on Twitter that many Americans support net neutrality. I signed online petition to support net neutrality a few days ago.


If the U.S do this, then there is a posibility that other countries too follow it.


I am still looking for more information.

Private ownership of sites does not automatically grant neutrality.


I signed the same petition that Kninjanin signed. I don't understand some of the small print but I think things should be left as they are. Just looks like another way for big business to make more money from the average person.

Hi Dan,
I found your post just a few hours after learning that net neutrality has been voted down in the US...
I am concerned about this, more control of consumers, intrusion.
TheOtherTink Virginia

@ Virginia, yes, and on a related issue, this is (among more brutal ways) how they control people in China:


Virginia Virginia

Even though my computer cannot open your link, O'Tink, I think I got your message...we have had a grand glorious poignant experiment in democracy here in America, but with all this kind of thing going (mainly) in one direction now, I am for the first time ever not sure we will be able to self-correct and move back toward liberty, individual rights...

However, looking through our US history, in the past there have indeed been some huge corrections in favor of freedom. Such as freedom of worship, for example, one massive change I learned about recently. So I am not giving up hope, your point about our current system as "the best so far." But this Internet thing, in the name of de-regulation...not good, I fear.

TheOtherTink Virginia

I'm not sure what will happen with net neutrality being voted down.  It certainly could lead to significant abuses.

Virginia Virginia

O'Tink, there is another "capitalism" Q that I am thinking of posting...give us a chance to look a bit deeper into our human process I hope...

TheOtherTink Virginia

Virginia, I just posted another question, this one concerning the biggest monopoly of all, worse than any due to private capital... the Chinese government. :O

Virginia Virginia

Going there now, O'Tink...