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There are some social networks for professionals LinkedIn, Viadeo, Stackstreet... I have accounts on some of them, but I do not use them often. I rarely login. They do not help me to find a job. I think that email, websites and messengers are enough for professional contacts. Only one person who found me on Internet was interested for my professional services.

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I use the Internet and mainly Skype to keep in contact with the other mods and devs on Matrix/Slitherine games on a daily basis. We mainly stay in contact on the sites themselves but when I'm working to help develop a new game? Then we stay in personal contact on Skype. The rest of the time we use the Forums for both sites to contact one another. Many are on Facebook and Twitter also but I don't use them. Hey! You could always try them and start with beta testing and move up to a paid position. Nice people and enjoyable. I love designing graphics and seeing them come to life.



Yes, some networks are useful for professionals and their activities.

I used some too at work.


No, really only email.


Hi Kninjanin,

My own professional contacts involve only volunteer activities now, and I made all the original connections in person...