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This article claims that up to almost 700,000 Americans died prematurely as a result of nuclear testing. That would be more Americans than died in WW2 or in the Civil War.


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O'Tink, I skimmed the first part of his paper but did not evaluate it thoroughly to discern how much I would trust his methods.

So I don't have an opinion on whether it is true, but I will tell you that it would not surprise me at all if this did turn out to be so. Here is the PDF.


Marianne Virginia

Hello, Virginia, like you, I could not read the Pdf about Meyers fallout mortality website.



A very pertinent article, T(h)ink, and, like Virginia, I would not be surprised.

But your link was the only one talking about numbers; all I found were these older articles from 2014 and 2005:




Not sure if there that many deaths but you know we'll never know the truth behind it all. I thought this short article was pretty good. Doesn't list a lot of numbers but does give you and idea just how many they haven't counted. But the first article seems to confirm your numbers estimate.

Remember the old movie:War of the Worlds? When they dropped the Atomic bomb on the Martians and all those people watched it? They would be all dead from the effects even though the Martians died off.

US nuclear tests killed American civilians on a scale comparable to ...

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