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I watch watching The Labyrinth today which is said to be a film for mkultra mind control as is The wizard of Oz, The Return to Oz, Alice in wonderland, pans labyrinth and later films like Inception etc. Please see links. Do you think we mkulta exists today with regards to news events see link, let me know what you think?




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As far as I know, mk ultra was not very successful as a CIA program, nor (evidently) were similar programs conducted by the KGB, since the Soviet Union collapsed.

I think many news organizations try to sway reader/viewer opinion by selective omissions in their reporting, and by the spin they put on what they do report.


Dear Katherine,

Later I will look at your links to learn more about MK Ultra. (I may add more to this response later.)

For the moment I will just say YES, however the programming I feel sure about comes with messages like commercial advertising, programming us to "need" consumerism. Also our culture of too much violence, I feel confident that is aggravated by TV and film. As bad as the Hays Code truly was, I am still glad I grew up under its shadow, because it protected us from so much exposure to violence in childhood.


I don't know so much about films but I've always thought that regular TV was full of subliminal messages aimed at advertising. Mostly commercials But some TV shows. I rarely watch TV and what I see of the so called "news"? I agree with Tink as they spin it for sensationalism and not really the true stories.

It would not surprise me if a government agency still tries it on things that are heavily watched. It wouldn't be the CIA though. Most likely the NSA or a "black" program we know nothing of.

Just seeing one of the links for donations on the first video really makes me wonder if any of that is true or not.


TV can program humans if they believe what they see. 


The dream about domination, resp. control over other humans, elements, animals and unexplained "forces" or circumstances, is as old as humanity.

Formerly, what was beyond control, was divine and had to be soothed with adoration, rites and sacrifices or bewitched with the help of priests, sorcerers, healers, etc.

In our times, they refer to consumerism, fake and propaganda, creating (or recreating) artificial needs and addictions.

As to the means used to gain mind control over people, they start with education, traditions, families, clans, social structures, conditions and surroundings, religious or philosophical beliefs and principles, local activities, productions, services and resources, while cultures, sciences and arts are informing, entertaining, teaching and influencing the public.

And the first means of communication were languages, pictures, signs, writing, gestures, mimics, dancing, theatre and music, trade, fairs, artists, meetings, events, etc., followed by more and more performing technologies, like faster transportation, telecommunication, radio, movies, TV, Internet, artificial intelligence ... 

Subliminal messages or stimuli and their effectiveness have been studied and researched into since long:


Any means can be a precious tool or a hazard, if used for bad purposes.


Hi Katherine,

I did watch the second of your links...and in that sense, of the CIA MK Ultra program which ran between 1953 and 1973, I would answer your question NO. I do, however, limit my time with TV - because that is not where I want my mind to be.

I think the David Bowie movie is an allegory for a journey through the labyrinth of our own subconscious mind. And programming to control us through fears hidden in our subconscious cannot last forever, because we are all capable of something finer. 

Ideally, the journey into the subconscious is simply a process of getting to know your own self, and accepting yourself warts and all, with love. 

Fuzzy Corona

I don't think it's as direct as the word "programmed" implies; people are too complicated for that. "Influenced" might be a better term for it