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I'll be leaving that nuthouse called A-rite in a week or so as I'm tired of all the bickering and fighting and political crap. Can't people just get along like they do here?

I appreciate each and every one of you and enjoy my time here with you. The best of the best!

Thank you all for being so nice.


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Aww, thank you, Rooster.

You're real nice yourself, that's fer sure!   That's fer dang sure!   :)

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It Is true. Websites with a small number of users are excellent because they are peaceful and don't have spammers.

I have more than 2300 followers on Twitter and I follow 5000 Twitterers but I interact with only a few users. They like my tweets and some of them reply to my tweets.

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Yes Rooster, I like this site and appreciate the people here. And certainly you also; I did not get the opportunity to know you on Ask.com, and that is always something I will be grateful to Blurt.

And your post answers a question I was going to send to you...about your current thoughts of Amirite!

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Thank you, Rooster, for your kind words; yes, I think that all of us feel the same - together with a bunch of wonderful, inspiring friends!

And thank you of being one of them!

That reminds me of some great songs:

Dionne Warwick (with Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, Elton John) - That's What Friends Are For

Georges Brassens - Les copains d'abord (Friends First)

Lyrics (FR and GB)



Lyrics (IT and DE)


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Best one that I have been on. Better than Sodahead was and Yahoo Answers and Amirite and some other ones that don't remember the name.

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