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Sometimes, I search names of people I know on Internet. I discover things they did not tell me or don't want to tell. I discovered the political views of people I know. They have never talked about politics when they see me. People easily open their mind on Internet and they are more careful in real life. 

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Yes, I've discovered some amazing things about some people. One person from blurtit called me a liar, backstabber and a troublemaker. I usually don't bother with searching for their names online but a lady friend told me about that and I thought we were friends. Never know what you're going to find out!

Didge Rooster

I wouldn't have any trouble guessing who.


Yes.  For example, a doctor that I thought highly of suddenly turned over his practice to another doctor and retired.  About a year later, I found out on the internet that he had lost his license to practice medicine as a result of a malpractice suit.

Sorry to hear that happened to you.


Yes, sometimes, you can discover things about people or celebrities you know (or heard a lot of), or think to know, who seem to be quite the opposite of their image.

And who doesn't wish to show a good image, even if it is, more or less artificially enhanced?


What's in Internet might not always be true, and propaganda or gossip can distort realities.