How much you spend for the internet?

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Jan 18 in Internet by Dan (5,358 points)

How much you spend for the internet connection? Is it unlimited or limited to a certain amount of usage?

I spend Rs. 551 ($8.70) on the internet which gives me 5GB per day (speed restricted to 80 kbps after 5GB usage on a day). It gives me a validity period of 90 days. It means I can use 5 GB every day for 90 days.

I rarely go beyond 4GB per day. So, 5GB per day is really enough for me.

The costs were higher before but a service provider named 'Jio' offered free 4G internet last year and so others have reduced their prices.

How much it costs for you?

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Marianne Jan 18

On our side, we have combined services, with Internet (with different speeds), telephone, TV, etc.

But prices here are still high, and the cheapest providers can be interesting for sporadic uses.

If you use a landline (especially if you have many contacts, who do not wish to use mobile or smartphones and similar, or if you still need to use the fax, or telephone with correspondents refusing to use Internet, or abroad), it is more interesting to opt for the combination with the landline.

Kninjanin Jan 18

I have 15 GB per month.  I also use Internet on my phone (I use more internet on my computer). My provider is Telenor. It costs 1299 dinars. 

TheOtherTink Jan 18

About $60/month for a private house connection, no limitations, and I've never noticed any speed problems.  Like everything in New York, it is expensive.  :ermm:

Rooster Jan 19

It costs me $60.00 a month for Broadband service but I have no complaints as it's fast with unlimited GB. It's fairly expensive out here unless you bundle your TV, phones and Internet together. I may do that when I move in there at the end part of this month.

Virginia Jan 20

Dan, I use a small local telephone company, and I pay $60 per month for landline telephone (no long distance), plus the lowest speed of Internet. But it is much faster than the dial-up I had before (which was only $15 per month). I think this is expensive, but the service is good and there are no limitations on time or amount of usage.

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