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Rosie the Riveter has left us

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Jan 23 in News & Informations ⌨ by TheOtherTink (21,060 points)

Another member of the Greatest Generation has passed.  I cried when I read this article about Rosie.


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Virginia Jan 23

Rosie the Riveter was in Longview? That is only 58 miles from where I am right now! I could have gone to see her, baked her a cake...

I think about the Greatest Generation quite a lot, parents' generation, what they gave for the world in that terrible war, and where our country ended up inspiring for what we all face now in our troubled world...

Marianne Jan 23

That is sad.

Unfortunately, I could not read the article in the New York Times (but I found one in the Daily Mail)


R.I.P., Naomi Parker Fraley.

Virginia Marianne Jan 23

Marianne, I found a link also from FOX News

...has this information; 'Following an arduous search by a Seton Hall University professor, Fraley was identified in 2016 as the “real” inspiration of the widely seen poster of a female factory worker flexing with the caption, “We can do it!” '

The woman in the photo you found DOES resemble the famous poster Rooster found, too!

And Naomi was beautiful.  She had a figure like Lauren Bacall.


Marianne Marianne Jan 26

Thank you, Virginia and T(h)ink, oh yes, indeed, she seems to have something in common with Laureen Bacall. :)

Rooster Jan 23

Think she was 96! An inspiration for all! Always will be too. She was something.


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