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What weapon did the Japanese have in WW2 that no other nation could compete with?

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Jan 25 in News & Informations ⌨ by Rooster (10,796 points)


5 Answers

TheOtherTink Jan 25


That reminds me of a joke.

Q. Who was the only kamikaze pilot ever to have survived a mission?

A. Chicken Teriyaki.

Rooster TheOtherTink Jan 26

Nope! This is a little harder one.

Ok, then how about their submarine fleet?

Marianne Jan 26

If I remember well, the Zeke or Zero was considered "the most capable, carrier-based fighter in the world", at least in the earlier times of WW2:

also used, later on, for suicide attack units (Kamikaze aviators), when the Allied caught up with better equipment:

Rooster Marianne Jan 26

@Marianne: That's true but they had something else that was far more deadly and sank many ships!

Marianne Marianne Jan 26

A torpedo ?

They spoke of the Kaiten, manned torpedoes, besides various other types, further an important fleet of submarines and other weapons.

Kninjanin Jan 26
Rooster Jan 26

It was the "Long Lance" torpedo ! Super deadly and we never did make one as good as that deadly weapon. They were launched from Subs, Cruisers and Destroyers mainly with deadly effect! 

Japan's Super-Torpedo Was the Hypersonic Missile of WWII | The ...

Marianne Rooster Jan 26
Well, as I see, I am not good in guessing, so I checked:,
basing on the
Virginia Jan 30

Dear Rooster,

The Japanese had a submarine, so far advanced, like none other in the world at the time. I don't know much about it, but found this YT video...

Rooster Virginia Jan 31

@Virginia: Yes they did have a couple of those and were going to use them to release gas balloons over the West Coast. Another last ditch effort to strike back at us. There was also a hint of using biological bombs on the planes.

Virginia Virginia Jan 31

Rooster, sometimes I STILL just tremble a bit at all the close calls for Allied victory in that war...a miracle?

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