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File sharing websites?

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Feb 12 in Websites by Kninjanin (3,583 points)

I like to use file sharing websites. They allow me to upload any type of files. I know two types of them: file uploading and file mirroring websites. Only difference between them is that file mirroring websites allow me to upload files on several file uploading websites. If I want to share my files, I copy link and paste it on email, website, forum or social network. If you don't want to share files, keep them private or don't share links to files. Problems with file storage websites are: file expiration after some days or months (some file hosting websites keep files forever and some not), limited cloud storage, limited file size upload. Many of them are shut down and one site I closed file uploading although still exists.

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TheOtherTink Feb 13

I use them mostly for this site, where it is not possible to upload images directly from my computer.

People cannot upload documents, books and music files on social media and they must use file sharing websites. Facebook allows to upload documents and books only in groups (it is impossible on profiles and business pages). Someone invented twitdoc which can be used to tweet documents and books.

Kninjanin Feb 13
Marianne Kninjanin Feb 13
Thank you, Kninjanin.
Marianne Feb 13

Personally, I don't feel at ease with the file sharing websites, although some are really good.

But as you describe them, there are certain limits, risks, and also complications. And there are many:

By the way, besides Google, DeviantArt, Instragram, etc., what do you think of "Flickr" and "Pinterest"?

Kninjanin Marianne Feb 13

Flickr has many interesting photos. I use it and like it. People posts photos of nature, old photos from WWi, WWII, art works... I don't use Pinterest. I mentioned in some of questions that file uploading websites contained spam files where companies advertise themselves.

Marianne Marianne Feb 13

Thank you, Kninjanin. I heard, resp. read, quite a few very positive comments about Flickr.

Rooster Feb 13

Sorry, rarely if ever use them. Matrix has it's own system and we generally use theirs when needed, which isn't very often. The Forum itself can be used as a file sharing site and is when there are problems with some games and we need screenshots and log files to try and find the problem. Otherwise? I never much use them for much.

Virginia Feb 13

Hi Kninjanin,

No I do not use computer is too old! When I first came to SOLVED, I tried one (with Dan's help) because I could not upload images directly from my computer. But my computer could not do it. 

So since then, I have not tried any more. Even if I found one that would work for my old Apple laptop right now, I might lose files when upgrades come and my computer gets eliminated!

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