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I see sometimes that this website has many visitors. I wonder who they are. Maybe, they are users who just read questions and answers and don't want to be active.

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The number of "Guests" is actually wrong. It is counting something else too, But visitors from search engines do occasionally visit the website and read the conversation.


Marianne Dan

Lol, thank you, Dan.

Rooster Dan

@Dan : Thank you for that. Helps explain some of that. Always been a mystery to me.


Lol, Kninjanin, I am also wondering about these mysterious visitors.

Some may be members checking about what's going on here, before they log in, but there are, of course, also visitors from "outside".

Dan can certainly help, as far as the principle of conventional discretion is respected.

Kninjanin Marianne

Maybe, they find questions on Google. I don't know if Dan created social media pages for ihavesolved.com.

Marianne Marianne

True, I found some of these questions on google.


Hi Kninjanin,

Yes, just now I looked and I am the only member here - and there are 63 guests here also!

I have an idea, because I have seen Dan mention the spambots, he has something of a struggle with them I think? Anyway, I am wondering if those bot types might be some of our guests?

* * *

I wish we had a way to flow in REAL traffic, because we have interesting questions, good participants, Dan does a great job...it's a nice site!

Kninjanin Virginia

It is sure that spam it's visit this website.

It is a nice site.


Beats the heck out of me! Right now? Between Marianne and I? We are 35 members and there are 30 guests. I've never figured that one out! Doesn't bother me, so I just don't say anything about it.


It could be that the guests are counted multiple times (like the logged-in members), perhaps when they open new pages on the site.