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I was talking to a lady on the phone yesterday and she said she had to go to watch her favorite Soap Opera! I didn't know that they still existed!!! LOL. I guess after looking them up that a few still play during the day.


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I'm not sure about the U.S. But in India, Tv Drama/series are very much followed by the people here. There are 100s of them telecasted every day here in various channels. I too wonder whether all of them having fan following or not. I don't usually watch them.

I watched the 'General Hospital' series of ABC. It looks good but old.


There are still TV series - older and more recent ones, which seem(ed) to be soap operas:



Yes, I was dimly aware that there still are a few soap operas on.  Growing up, my friends and I used to laugh at them.   We called "As the World Turns" "As the Stomach Turns".

I think that there are a good many soaps on Spanish-language TV, however.


Rooster, no I was not really aware they still had soap operas...even though I came from that era (rather long ago now!), but I have never been able to watch even one soap opera all the way through...:sick:...just not my cup of tea I guess...

UNLESS that is, you count Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, which was something of a spoof on soap operas I think? Anyway I think this photo might actually be Carol Burnett parody, but you get the idea anyway? I DID kinda like Mary Kay Place, too! 


Rooster Virginia

@ Virginia : Don't know the show as I wasn't around much in the 70's and had to look it up. Looks like it was pretty good!

Virginia Virginia

Yes Rooster that is her, it's Mary Hartman! :)