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...and did you ever feel like you were in love with someone who died 80 years ago? 

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I'll have to listen to this later today to get the full scope but I will admit that I hadn't heard of him. Sorry.

Virginia Rooster

Rooster, this is not my most favourite rendering of his BOLERO, but I love the flashmob approach to this wonderful music, let's dance and sing in the streets and all that!


Lol, no, I didn't know his birthday was today.  :)

I seem to recall reading once that Ravel wrote Bolero on a bet that he could write a significant piece of music with only one continuously repeated theme.

Virginia TheOtherTink

Tink, that bit of information factoid about Bolero is a jewel !!!


Lol, Virginia, I forgot that his 143rd birthday was yesterday.

Yes, I like his bolero ...

A very nice performance!

Virginia Marianne

Ah Marianne, yes I am checking my Geneva clock and indeed you are reading this already in tomorrow!

Marianne Marianne
Lol, Virginia, my confirmation comes very late ... <3:)
Virginia Marianne

Just so glad to see your posts now, Marianne. <3