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I visited chat room of this website. I saw someone advertise his business. Users are not active on chat room.

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Dear Kninjanin,

Yes I went there when I first came to SOLVED, just curious. But there are so few of us, we can pretty much say it all here so I have not looked at the chat room for a long time! 

(But now you mention it and I am curious again, gonna take another look...:))

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When I first came on this site when it started, there was a list in the lower right hand corner of the people online and you basically chatted there. Dan added the Chat Room feature later but by then, most of the people ran off to other sites. I just looked at it after I saw your question but never have used it mainly because you don't always know who's online now like when it was real busy here.

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Haven't looked in ages.  :)