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The answer is in this YouTube video, posted only 22 hours ago...obviously, I had to make sure you all know about this!

I also learned that THE SHOOTIST, my own favourite John Wayne film, was also his last. He insisted that Jimmy Stewart join him in that movie, and it was Stewart's last film also. 

And, I discovered that John Wayne received an academy award for his role as Rooster Cogburn!

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He did win his only Oscar for True Grit. Excellent movie. Playing Rooster Cogburn. I had read this before quite some time back about him.

Settling in Glendale, California, Wayne received his distinctive nickname "Duke" while living there. He had a dog by that name, and he spent so much time with his pet that the pair became known as "Little Duke" and "Big Duke," according to the official John Wayne website. He loved his Airedale. Didn't really need to watch the video for that! 

He should have gotten the "Oscar" for this movie also, as I think it was his best movie.


Rooster, because of you I have THE SEARCHERS on my list to watch...also, after I came upon this JW biography I was poking around and found STAGECOACH full movie on YouTube! So I will watch that soon (again).

It was fun learning more about him! I think I told you, in the five years I lived in Iowa I liked the town of Winterset very much. And in exploring there, I came upon his first home, where he was born...they have it as a museum now.

Oh...and one other thing I learned? He named his son Ethan, after this movie!

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Yes, I heard that a long time ago, but I had forgotten. :)