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One of the differences between the Hollywood and the Indian movies is that there will be 2 or 3 songs in between the movie. Most Indian movies are based on love and relationship. Do you like watching songs in between a movie?

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Yes. Many of them are beautiful.


In general, only if the movie is a musical.  I think songs would be out of place in, say, a murder mystery, unless one of the principal characters happened to be a singer, and the song somehow advanced the plot.


Depends on the movie really. Love stories and mucials and some comedies, it's great to have music in them. Other types of movies? No, they wouldn't go over that well. Always good in a good musical though.


There are musicals that I like, and Disney's animated movies have songs in them too.

Other than that, I believe it would break down the level of realism I like movies to have.

But they are very different traditions of cinema, obviously

I can understand how a couple of hours of pretty people in colourful clothings, dancing and singing towards a happy end can be a great escape from a more harsh reality than my own.

I have watched a couple of Bollywood productions, and that was an interesting peak into Indian culture :)


Hi Dan, yes I like songs between movies...however, I noticed the first song you listed was about a woman named Radha...and that made me think of the wonderful mythology on India, here is an online description of Radha...

 "a Hindu goddess popular in the Vaishnavism tradition. She is a milkmaid (gopi), the lover of the Hindu god Krishna in the medieval era texts."

yes, I do like it.