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Dan posted a question which mentioned Radha, a beloved goddess of India and that reminded me of the story of Savitri,,,yes, sixty years ago I was 13 years old and reading the Mahabharata...I even remember the name of the translator, it was Romesh Dutt!

Anyway, Savitri was a much loved daughter who married her own true love, not sure I recall very well but it seems that Mother and Father disapproved for some reason?

Anyway, after a short time the new husband died. But Savitri could not accept this so she went on a pilgrimage to Yama, the Lord of Death. Her pleas were so powerful that not even Yama could resist the tsunami of her love, and finally returned Savitri's husband to life!

Savitri held her husband's head on her lap as he revived, and here are the final lines of the beautiful poem (which I memorized sixty years ago and still remember)...still brings tears, and now I am asking if something like this can really happen?

"Then she rose and tied her tresses, gently helped her lord to rise,

Walked with him the pathless jungle, looked with love into his eyes;

On her neck his clasping left arm sweetly winds in soft embrace

Round his waist Savitri's right arm doth as sweetly interlace...

Thus they walked the darksome jungle, silent stars looked from above,

And the hushed and throbbing midnight watched Savitri's deathless love!"

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I wish I could answer that Virginia. Been so long that I've really loved someone, I couldn't tell you. Now if it was my Hound dog? I would tend to say Yes and look for ways to do it.

I've not read that but I'll sure add it to my list of reads.


Rooster, I admire your philosophy, your approach to life...

For many people who are atheist, I notice they are not comfortable with looking at questions like this because it might bring in the idea of God. 

But you realize, and I agree, that to go after answers and explore life fully can be done irregardless of any idea of a divinity - we can just go for answers to the deep questions for their own sake.

And yes, I would tend to agree that this can prolly happen...prolly HAS happened...I don't think we are locked in by the rules of time and space... ;)  <3

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In the British Museum, there is an ancient Egyptian tomb bearing the moving inscription of a bereaved husband addressed to his deceased wife, whose mummified body was in the tomb at one time, with words to the effect: "If you can hear me, O beloved, tell the Lords of Eternity that your husband longs for you, and wishes to be with you, wheresoever you may be."

I hope he got his wish. :'(


That is exquisite, Tink, love somehow eternal in itself I feel certain!


I think you are right, Virginia.

"We love him, because he first loved us."



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As far as I know, the epics are written by humans only. Just stories.

Ah yes, Dan, but...well, maybe the story just tries to show us that the power of love can be VERY strong...?   ;)