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Welcome to the third world in San Francisco?

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May 18 in Politics & Government ✌ by TheOtherTink (21,066 points)

"The San Francisco Bay Area has rapidly become the richest region in the country—the Census Bureau said last year that median household income was $96,777. It’s a place where $100,000 Teslas are commonplace, “raw water” goes for $37 a jug, and injecting clients with the plasma of youth —a gag on the television show Silicon Valley—is being tried by real companies for just $8,000 a pop.

Yet Sacred Heart Community Service, a San Jose nonprofit that helps low-income families with food, clothing, heating bills, and other services, actually received less in individual donations from the community in 2017 than it did the previous year. “We’re still not sure what it could be attributed to,” Jill Mitsch, the funds development manager at Sacred Heart, told me. It’s not the only nonprofit trying to keep donations up—the United Way of Silicon Valley folded in 2016 amidst stagnant contributions."

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Rooster May 18

Geez, this doesn't surprise me at all. Nothing about the "Bay Area" surprises me. I wish a nice quake would dump the whole damn coast in the water! Good riddance. Except for the S.F. Giants, Oakland Athletics, Oakland Raiders and Santa Clara 49ers and the WW2 ships docked there. Everything else would be just fine on the ocean floor.

TheOtherTink Rooster May 19

Right on, Rooster.  :)

Virginia May 19

Well Tink I have A LOT to say about that, as you may imagine...when I spent 2 1/2 years in SF 1967-69, I never saw even one homeless person. I recall earning around $525 per month, and paying $50 rent for a nice little studio apartment (2018 equivalent would be $360 rent per month).

The Spur article did open on my computer, and I was interested in this, you already know I am questioning our economic/financial systems: 'Homelessness has always existed in the United States, but it has not been this prevalent since the Great Depression. In his 1944 State of the Union address, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared a “second bill of rights” that included “the right of every family to a decent home.” '

As for the low donations in rich regions, that has the case for a long time, maybe always? The Peace Pilgrim, who walked across the USA seven times beginning in 1953 McCarthy era, told about always receiving plentiful invitations for meals and shelter in poor neighborhoods, but not in rich ones. I have almost come to wonder if there might be something mentally wrong with many of the people who end up really wealthy...too much selfishness is not healthy!

OMG, for $360, you wouldn't be able to rent a tent in SF today.  :O

Virginia Virginia May 20

Hmmm...wonder if $360 would still buy one night stay at the Mark Hopkins Hotel? :D

Hmm... maybe one night if they had tons of vacancies.  :P

Virginia Virginia May 21

...don't think I will re-visit SF all that soon...:P  :'(

Virginia, just tell them you came illegally from Honduras.  They'll immediately fix you up with food stamps and housing, all for free.  Of course, don't expect it to be in any of the posh areas, such as where Nancy Pelosi lives. 


Virginia Virginia May 21

Tink, have you considered posting a Q on immigration, legal and illegal? I would typically have been in favour of war refugees...the Emma Lazarus thing, along with FDR refusing entry to the ship of Holocaust refugees...

But it's not that simple; the mountain farming community where I lived in the 2000's, one group would just go through and help themselves to local produce. If anyone dared to question that, the answer was, "I don't speak English."

Where I live now, the social workers for another ethnic group are expected to turn their backs when their women come in battered, because beating up your women is just "different cultural values..."

OMG, Virginia, 'I don't speak English', but I do speak theft?

And no one tells these women beaters, "You are in the USA now; that is NOT acceptable here, you wretched refuse."

Are they also supposed to look the other way at polygamy and FGM?

SheeshPolitical Correctness run amok.  :sick:

Virginia Virginia May 22


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