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A Serbian's perspective?

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May 19 in Politics & Government ✌ by TheOtherTink (21,066 points)

An interesting article on why, among other things, Eastern Europe does not share Angela Merkel's views on Muslim immigration.

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Kninjanin May 19

It is more complicated than he wrote. Kosovo's status is not solved. There are 120000 Serbs on Kosovo. Also, Serbia has Slavic Muslims in the southwestern territory. Montenegro has also Albanian and Slavic Muslim population. Macedonia has a large number of Albanians. Greece has also Albanians in the north. Albanians want to unify with Albania. Serbia has Magyar, Slovak, Bulgarian and Romanian minorities. Slavic Muslims are very numerous in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Their ancestors were Christians and they converted to Islam during the Ottoman rule. There are the small community of Slavic Muslims in Kosovo calling Gorans. They speak Serbian language.

Migrants are Muslims and could become close with Albanian and Slavic Muslims and they could assimilate into Albanians, Bosniaks...

Yes, certainly, but is there some general truth to what he says about the Eastern European countries, that after hundreds of years of domination by the various empires, they do not appreciate having their policies dictated by the large countries of the EU?

Kninjanin Kninjanin May 20
President of Serbia likes Merkel and has often meetings with her and German statesmen. He supports her EU politics. Many Serbs like Germany and go to work and live in Germany. Migrants would cause economic problems because many countries have huge unemployment. 

Interesting, I didn't know that about Serbia's president.  I had read mostly about Hungary and Poland not being pleased, especially about immigration quotas, which they have refused.

Virginia Kninjanin May 21

Interesting thread, Tink and Kninjanin.

Virginia May 19

Tink, there is really a lot of information in that article...I picked out two points, including "But every other country is now fully, or fairly close to being fully, ethnically homogeneous." ima suggest it's not the homogeneity, because when diverse people live together for a long time, they can often adapt to each others' customs and develop some common values. At least, that happened where I grew up in SW Washington State; for a long time I assumed we were homogeneous, but then around age 60 I realized there were Native Americans, Middle Eastern Jewish (Dracobly's Clothing Store), Swiss (bells and yodeling every Christmas/Easter), Hispanic, Gypsy, Italian/Greek, and of course them ubiquitous Scandihoovians of which I am one. It worked fine, no crime ever...but hardly anyone ever moved in or out... 

So maybe it's more that when new cultures come in suddenly, it can be very disruptive?

The second idea, that of "Even hard-core nationalists liked to talk the language of democracy because it gave them greater credibility internationally as they appeared to be fighting for an ideal rather than for narrow ethnic interests." This, I don't even really grok...outside of my own experience.

And I found Kninjanin's comments interesting!

Well, Virginia, in many respects the people you grew up with were homogeneous, in that they had assimilated.  That concept has been called into question lately in some quarters.

Virginia Virginia May 20

Hmmm...ima thinkin' about THAT one, Tink...are you meaning it is a new definition of 'homogeneous'...?

Yes, Virginia, culturally homogeneous, but not really so new: the melting pot, if you like.

Virginia Virginia May 21

Melting pot...brings back childhood memories, lots of them...

Rooster May 19

Very interesting article and some great answers. Not a subject I have a lot of knowledge about but from what I've read the last few years? Many of these immigrants(especially muslims) do not try to assimilate anything from the country they migrate too. They have their own communities and places in Germany where the Police won't even go. They stick to themselves and crime rates have jumped since then.

Remember the U.S. was the great melting pot of all immigrants at one time but almost all have assimilated to our country and brought their rich culture and foods here.

It just doesn't seem that way with the newer flock of immigrants. They stick to their own ways and ignore our laws.

As for Eastern Europe? Like the article said, so many empires and wars were fought over and in the Balkans that different cultures and races were bound to assimilate with each other and become peaceful.

Merkel's policies are backfiring on her because this isn't the 40's and further back. These are not the same type of immigrants now and so many are hostile and crime lords and terrorists hiding in with real hardship cases.

Read about Canada and the flood of Nigerians that are crossing from our border into theirs. Most Canadians are in an uproar over it.

Germany has to finally get over what happened there in the early to mid 20th century and look at reality.

Virginia Rooster May 20

Rooster, it's true! For much of our history, there was a tremendous flood of diversity...and we did okay, certainly nothing like current events.

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