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My old home had a pool and it was a constant job keeping it up! Now my new home doesn't have a pool and I'm glad.

My ex wife asked if I would come over and look at the pool and it was a mess. Have to go over today and finish cleaning it after the high winds.

My real question is, would you like to have a pool and do you have the time to maintain it? Or want too?

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I have only seen the swimming pool in the movies (This doesn't mean that there is no swimming pool here). What is available here is this:-

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Rooster, ha ha no, I have never lived in a home with a pool...here in raincoast Washington State, the weather is not right for it really. However, there are so many rivers and creeks that you can easily splash around in summer, and I usually do!

I just don't have the patience for the maintenance; also don't like the chlorine needed. There is only one pool I have ever really enjoyed, and that was Sol Duc Hot Springs on the Olympic Peninsula when I was a child. Sol Duc then was a primitive resort, with cabins heated and cooking with a wood stove. The pool was from a sulfur springs, boiling hot so they had to divert water from Sol Duc River to mix in.

At that time, they did not even add chlorine because the mineral water kept the water safe!

Although, Dan's top photo looks like a place I would really enjoy taking a dip...


Don't blame you.

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Our next-door neighbors had a swimming pool installed years ago.  The first summer, they splashed about in it almost every night, plenty of pool parties, etc. The next summer, they used it maybe once or twice a week. By the third summer, almost not at all.  Then they sold the house and moved away.

The new owners hardly use the pool either. 

I've known similar stories with boat owners: too damn much trouble and bother after a while. :ermm: :D

I agree.

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