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I am unable to open this link below, which is an article in the National Review...I do recall Tink mentioning the NR leans clearly rightwing? 

My friend on Qu0ra says, in discussing the FBI..."Keep an eye on California — it is now the bastion of “resistance” against federal authority — ironic in light of liberalism’s former hallmark of central (federal) authority." 

Is the FBI trying to unseat Trump in favour of Clinton, or vice versa? Why is my friend mentioning an attempted 'soft coup,' with the FBI? He worked for the FBI loyally many years, and indicates the people there are very dedicated, high ideals, but thinks there are now a few rotten apples in high positions there.

What is going on with the FBI and the Clinton e-mails, what is your take?


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I think it's very clear that there was high-level bias at the FBI for Hillary and against Trump.

Thirteen of 17 investigators on Mueller's team are Democrats, some of them big contributors to the party, and the worst one, Strzok, was on the team for over a year, and let go only after his outrageous e-mails came to light.


N'Kay, O'Tink...in theory at least, shouldn't Mueller's team include half Democrats?

...that in itself should not indicate bias, rather balance; in the sense of the assassination attempt on President Reagan?That courageous man quipped to his physicians, as he was being prepared for treatment; "I hope you are Republicans."

And one of the doctors answered, "We are all Republicans today."

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ty for fine answer, I understand better...scarier though. How did someone like Strzok even get into the FBI? STRONG need for integrity there...


Yes, half Democrats, Virginia, but not 3/4, and especially not highly partisan ones.  And I find it rather suspicious that Strzok was kept on the team for over a year, and only was let go after his emails came to light. Mueller didn't know about Strzok's politics until then?  I doubt it.


Tink um...(world's dumbest person here [but I'm kinda cute]) anyway, your comment "rather suspicious that Strzok was kept on the team for over a year" - of what is that suspicious?

Also, I read on Qu0ra, my FBI friend, that James Comey (7th Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation from 2013 until his dismissal in May 2017) could possibly go to prison. That he admitted under oath that he leaked classified information to a friend knowing that it would go to the press, and from there...idk, something about giving Trump a hard time? Getting Trump put under the special investigator, maybe?

AND, Comey had exempted Hillary Clinton from prosecution because there was no intent of harm, or something like that, but now he (Comey) clearly had intent to harm, because of his bad motivations for that leak he did...

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idk...I still really dislike Trump, he's scary...but I am wondering if maybe he truly does have good intentions, trying to "drain the swamp"...just not very 'ept,' maybe you could say...

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I think Rooster follows other threads sometimes, I hope he chimes in with any of his thoughts...


Suspicious that Mueller wouldn't have known about Stzrok's bias until those emails came out.  I think Mueller must have known perfectly well, but had to fire Stzrok for the sake of appearances when word leaked out.

Yes, I think Trump is a bull in a china shop, and Reagan was thought to be a dumb cowboy by the left in his time. 


Received Tink ty

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I didn't really see any conclusions in the article other than the FBI's bias regarding the two investigations still ongoing. It would seem to me that they would like to sweep Clinton's e-mail case under the rug and and pursue the Trump-Russia allegations more. Can't say as I cared a lot for the article as it looks like the FBI is just looking for a way to impeach Trump. Which I don't think they should be so bias. If anything? The two are equally guilty of crimes but Clinton still has Obama backing her and wouldn't order an investigation during his time.

I see no evidence of impeaching Trump and inserting Clinton in his place, which would be a disaster.

As I live in California, I do see the resistance to Federal authority here and some is rightfully so. But not all.

Personally? I think this FBI thing will go on for years without any conclusion at all. I have a good friend in the FBI who runs one of the Cyber Crime units and he doesn't say much about these things but he is fully aware!


Thank you, Rooster...now I understand better. The point for this Q on Qu0ra was that an agency with such power over US citizens should operate at a high standard, and that with the bias in this investigation maybe they are not fulfilling their mandate!