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An e-mail came in yesterday from Marianne...she speaks of much time spent on medical treatments, intensive therapies, long waiting times.

She is also still having difficulty with her online connection, which may be a big reason why we do not her from her more...here is the end of the message she sent:

"Additionally, I am totally uninspired and trying to find bearable solutions ... After all, why make things simple if you can complicate them? 

I can't but send a big thank you for your patience and am sending my thoughts to all of you while trying to get more time for my lost Internet presence and especially my friends." 

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I hope he will be good.

Otis from Blurtit died. 

Virginia Kninjanin

Oh Kninjanin! We on Blurt all loved Otis so much, my heart sank to read your post. But thank you for telling us.


Yay!  :)

I hope Marianne is all better soon. <3


Hope she will get well soon. What is her actual problem.


Sure do miss her wit and funny jokes! Between Tink and her, it was always nice to have a nice smile on my face after reading them.

I hope whatever the problem is with her health gets resolved soon and she can return as soon as possible.

Sweet young lady!

Virginia Rooster

Almost every morning Rooster, waking up to a smile with Marianne and/or O'Tink!

Rooster Rooster

Ja! Oh Klimpern! :D:D