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ry Here are some examples...do you have one/some ultra-short stories?

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Strangers. Friends. Best Friends. Lovers. Strangers.

"You got the wrong number", replied a familiar voice.

"Passengers, it is not the captain talking now".

I met a soulmate. But she - didn't.

I'm selling a parachute. Never been opened, a bit stained.

This is our golden marriage anniversary. Table for one.

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I would leave everything here: the valleys, the hills, the paths, and the jaybirds from the gardens, I would leave here the petcocks and the padres, heaven and earth, spring and fall, I would leave here the exit routes, the evenings in the kitchen, the last amorous gaze, and all of the city-bound directions that make you shudder, I would leave here the thick twilight falling upon the land, gravity, hope, enchantment, and tranquillity, I would leave here those beloved and those close to me, everything that touched me, everything that shocked me, fascinated and uplifted me, I would leave here the noble, the benevolent, the pleasant, and the demonically beautiful, I would leave here the budding sprout, every birth and existence, I would leave here incantation, enigma, distances, inexhaustibility, and the intoxication of eternity; for here I would leave this earth and these stars, because I would take nothing with me from here, because I’ve looked into what’s coming, and I don’t need anything from here. László Krasznahorkai 


Oh Rooster! omg it's very existential, I truly do love it.

I googled his name...he's Hungarian, of course...kinda old also, born 1954. You are an avid reader, have you read his books?

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The last story you gave is sooo sad, Virginia!  :'(


Tink, I was fascinated...amazing what can be told in so few words...and yes so sad.

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I did not know.


The online learning can be so marvelous Kninjanin...I did not know either.

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