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I know some of you were Ask users. I used just search engine sometimes. I didn't use QandA website.

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Dear Kninjanin,

Yes I remember quite a lot, because the old Ask was the first Q/A website I ever found, and I did not know there could even be such a thing. I thought the concept was wonderful, a way for people around the world to get to know each other and exchange ideas, help each other.

Ask was formed from the search engine AskJeeves mid-2010, I think, and I found it late 2010. My first friend on there was SherryA; she had such an excellent fine mind, eventually became a moderator there. Then I met Rooster there, his handle was MrJohnWayne, but I did not get to know him well until we met again on Blurt.

I had difficulty on Ask because they used AI for moderation. I post lots of controversial answers, and the downvotes meant the AI got "trained" to delete my answers, so only about half of them were seeing the light of day. That was difficult, because I spent lots of time researching and writing to make quality answers.

Finally the human moderation caught on, and unhooked me from AI and then I had no more problems there.

* * *

So I was sorry when they pulled the plug on human answers in 2015, and went to algorithms only. I don't really know how Ask got such a large feed of Questioners/Answerers, maybe from their search engine? But I wish this site could do that also.

I am on Quora now, as you know because you are also. That is where several people from the old Ask go and I like to be with them, but Quora is not as good as this one Solved. Quora has too much AI, and it also has a dark underbelly with vicious trolls and such. Didge taught me about trolls when we met on Ask.


Geez, I can't remember when it was but it was around 2012, I think?

Quite a bit of censorship and a few cliques here and there but overall? I liked it OK. Met a lot of people that I'm still in contact with. It was better than a lot of sites out there.

Kninjanin Rooster

I think that the communication is better on Q&A websites. Users exchange thoughts and knowledge here. On many other websites, users exchange photos, likes, messages like how are you, good day... There is no real conversation.

That was a long time ago. I remember using it when it was Ask Jeeves, why did they have to change it? 

Only used it as a search engine. I did use it after they changed the name but not so much. I don't remember the last time I used it. It has been a while.

From what the old man told me? It's just a third rate search engine now.