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Yes, there have been stories since WW2 of big Nazis hiding out in Argentina, particularly in and about Bariloche, and some are certainly true (e.g., Mengele, Eichmann), but I kinda doubt Bormann or Hitler made it.  Wasn't Bormann's skeleton found in Berlin and identified along about 1970? It seems he got killed trying to escape the city during the last days of WW2. And the witnesses to Hitler's suicide in the bunker seem more credible to me than those who claim they saw him in Argentina.  I didn't read the book, but I saw an adaptation of it on YouTube.


@Tink: One thing it does help to explain is where all that stolen gold and bonds and paintings and such disappeared too.

Bormann's "supposed" skeletal remains were said to be found but was never proved. Hitler's and Eva Braun's were never found.

Bormann was quite a bit more scheming and business like than people gave him credit for. He funneled billions of stolen gold and money out of Germany.

Quite the book!


@ Rooster:   I thought the DNA tests were pretty conclusive that the skeleton was Bormann's.


Did the Grey Wolf book have a plausible counter-argument?


@Tink: Actually it did. A hair far fetched as he was one of the very last to get out.

Not much mention of his escape and it kind of leaves it open but so called witnesses claimed to have seen him in the company of the Peron's in Argentina.

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Russians claim that they found dead Hitler. It is possible that they made a mistake. But who helped Hitler to escape?


@ Kninjanin : Quite a few close Nazis helped him and others escape. The plans were started in 1942 and Martin Bormann made all the transactions to make it happen.

The Russians did make a mistake as after the Soviet Union fell, the partial skull fragment they had that they claimed was Hitler was DNA tested and found to be that of a woman.


Thank you!

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Rooster, I may add this to my reading list. Your book suggestions have always been good reading!

The biography I read of Eva Braun claimed that Hitler tried to send her away to safety as the Allies approached, but when she learned of his plans for suicide she turned around to be with him. Whatever horrible things were going on with the Nazis, theirs was truly a love story for the ages.

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Or, instead of actually reading the book, maybe I will watch the movie Tink found on YouTube.