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The police should be careful and gentil to people.

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This is insanity! Punching and beating a woman? It's a disgrace.

We need to screen the people we're hiring for coppers better as most are good people. But this sure shows that some abuse their power!

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When you fail to cooperate with the police expect to be taken down.  Male or female.  The cops were patient with her lack of cooperation until she started with the profanity.  I could have predicted the next move.  Just plain stupid on her part.  If you fight suffer the consequences.  Cooperate with the police.   And if you have an issue, take it up in court.

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Hi Dan,

I watched both videos, and even though the woman did not act as I would have, still I think the weight of responsibility is on the police officers here.

They (the police) acted very badly, and it is reprehensible. 

The police need better training, maybe to hire officers more skilled than these in human relations. The woman did not carry herself well, but the police were FAR worse. And it is the responsibility of the police to behave well, even when the public does not.

I would fire these officers, and quick....unacceptable, especially since she is a woman and they are male. If manhandling was really needed, it should be done by a woman (and a woman might not even let things escalate like that).

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