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I use Pinterest for two weeks. I don't have problems with this website and users. This website does not censor me. I don't see spam, scammers and drama. Users are only interested in their boards. They save some of my pins. I don't see big conversations between users. Pinterest is a peaceful website. I don't need to follow the whole profiles, I follow just certain boards. Pinterest is not interested in personal information such as relationships, political views, languages I speak... I looked some political pins and I saw some bad discussions (about Trump and Clinton) but there is no bad discussions about history, art, fashion and other topics.

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I've never gotten into Pinterest and rarely have time to look at websites anymore but I've heard others talk about it and they like it also.

There will always be some bad apples that have to argue about Trump and Clinton but that's gotten so old and boring that I rarely pay any attention anymore to it.

As soon as they have a couple more mods at Matrix, maybe I'll have some time to check it out better.

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Kninjanin, I used to go to Pinterest occasionally, mostly because they have such wonderful graphics...however, within the last couple of weeks they have upgraded their site so that my old computer can no longer access it.

SOMEDAY ima have to bite the bullet and go for a newer model computer!

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Use it the odd time. As far as I know, it is an okay website. 
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I'm not a member, but I sometimes use images from Pinterest.