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This is another topic I found on Quora. I don't go to Fox News much, but some on this site have found it beneficial, and I have agreed.

So here is the link from Quora, would appreciate your input if you have opinions?


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This bears out my experience on Quora that most questions are asked by liberals and answered by conservatives.

I like Ben Shapiro.  Quick witted. Interesting.  And equipped with knowledge and facts when speaking.  And brave.  Heʻs perfectly happy to go onto campuses where his very presence causes rebellion.


Yes Skycruiser, the part about the Q/A's on Quora may be so...I am definitely liberal/progressive, anyway I always thought I was until all this about the SJW's and the post-modernism and the snowflakes, all that definitely leaves me behind...so maybe I would be cast-out now!

Anyway, I like to post such questions here on SOLVED because of the roundness here of middle ground to conservative perspective is helpful.

I am amazed that Shapiro presence would cause rebellion. smh at any of 'em having these problems, actually. I can recall University of Washington in the 1960's? George Lincoln Rockwell (American Nazi Party) and Stokeley Carmichael (SNCC) came and no one would ever dream of objecting, that diversity of view was considered part and parcel of university role.


Hey, I went to the University Washington back then - late fifties actually.  Then moved to Hawaiʻi - where I, a conservative, would sit down for a political discussion over lunch and DRINKS with liberals, moderates and other conservatives - and no one even raised their voice.  That was from the late fifties through the seventies and there was a lot of very wild partisan goingʻs on.  How I miss it.  I think Iʻll like it here on Ihavesolved.  So far, it looks like the best of Sodahead.

I do like answering questions sent my way on Quora but thatʻs all it is:  asked and answered.  No discussion. But, there are lots of interesting opinions.

If your leaving the progressives, welcome to the light. (hehehe) Youʻre most welcome on the Right, or in the Middle,  where thereʻs plenty of room for all people and a range of ideas.


Hey Skycruiser you are OLD like me! Rooster is about ten years younger than me I think, but he has been around the block a time or two...

I brought in the Political Compass test, I think I heard about it from Quora? Anyway, both Rooster and Tink scored very close to the center, while I was about six points off to the Left-Leaning...so to me, they look conservative! 

I was learning how to look critically at the news aka MSM from other Tink, but we haven't seen Other Tink for a while, so I am hoping she will come back but a bit worried, because there have been only about five of us regulars on here now...however diverse good discussions. 

I learned A LOT about modern liberal ideas from the drama at Evergreen State College in Olympia, where liberal/progressive professor Bret Weinstein was forced out because he did not fit in with uber-strange liberal stuff SJW, it was very bizarre.

Anyway, I learned there is something now called Underground Intellectual Web or something like that, and people like progressive Weinstein and there is a conservative historian I have learned much from, name is Niall Ferguson, and he got forced out by all the bizarre "liberal" policies at universities now. 

So anybody who actually thinks anymore is at risk of being forced underground!  Bit scary I thought...anyway, welcome and I hope you stick with us here.

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I'm sorry, I can't remember the last time I even watched Fox news. I rarely watch the news on any channel anymore. Guess that leaves me out! :)