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Unusual picture from WW2?

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Aug 21 in News & Informations ⌨ by TheOtherTink (21,068 points)
This picture is said to be of German prisoners captured by the Poles during the German invasion of Poland in 1939, dated October 2, taken in Warsaw.

My question is, why are these ordinary enlisted men so old? The one in the right rear looks like he might be pushing 60 Any ideas?

2 Answers

Kninjanin Aug 22

One soldier is much younger than others.

@ Kninjanin: You are right.

Rooster Aug 22

Looks like a propaganda picture to me. No insignia of any kind other than the collar tabs which if you really check them out? They are Volkssturm troops. Which really didn't have any place in the Wehrmacht till late 1944. This is not from 1939 Poland. Also by October 2nd, they wouldn't have been prisoners anymore as Poland had already surrendered on September 27, 1939. They are not regular Wehrmacht soldiers. Quite possibly just Border guards that might have been captured before the main army burst into Poland.

TheOtherTink Rooster Aug 22

@ Rooster:  The picture appeared in this Atlantic magazine article (#21):

I think your idea of them perhaps being border guards is quite plausible.

Rooster Rooster Aug 22

@Tink: After a little more research? I believe they are Border guards, not front line troops.

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