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I figured you would know all about how to do this by now! :) Whole pages on Google with templates and all.

Question And Answer Website Templates from ThemeForest

https://www.wpbeginner.com › Blog › WordPress Plugins

As Rooster said, it seems to be quite easy to set up a Q&A website.

I think the hard part is keeping enough people to post questions and answers.  :(


Whatever you do, avoid whatever mistakes were made by Ask.com Q&A Community, Disqus, Askholics, and Blurtit. Hopefully, ihavesolved has solved them, and we won't need to seek asylum in any other domains.

Shoutout to Ancient_Hippy, Rooster, and DarkMajinn, btw.

Kninjanin OPStellar

I use Disqus for my websites. Trolls like to use Disqus to comment on news websites.