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Intraday means when a person buys a stock when it is low and sells when it is high during the same day. You can avoid selling on the day if the stock's price goes up after you buy.

You can also "sell first and buy later" a stock in case you feel the price of the stock will go down after you buy it. But, if you sell and buy then you have to do to it within the day. Even if the price goes high.

You can earn high if you do intraday right than just investing in a stock. There are also chances of losing some of your money in intraday. I hope you had understood my text.


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I did not know it.

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Yes, I know about this as my Broker/Investor has told me about it and he does it for me from time to time. He's explained this to me a while back and I just let him do what makes us both money. Actually, it is better than just investing in stocks but I have a few that I've had for over 30 years. Luckily for me, I've known and trusted this man for 30 years or so. I usually hear from him about once a month and he lets me know how things are going and what he thinks is best to buy or sell.

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I've heard that most day traders, particularly if they are beginners, lose money. The few that are good at it may survive. :)


I started during intraday (also first time investing in the stock market) on last Friday. I invested in the stock which was already falling for a month. I thought it would recover at the end of the day but it didn't. I ended up losing $10. I bought it at the higher price and sold at the lower price. But you can also sell first and buy later. If I did it then I might have ended up in profit.

Now I've changed my strategy. Now I buy the rising stocks in regular option (not in intraday option). Now, I sell it in the intraday, only if the stock price goes higher.

I buy the stocks of companies who do business in the U.S.A and Europe. The U.S economy is growing over 4% and so I guess they would too.

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