Have you ever experienced a terrible jet lag?

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Oct 29 in Travel by 41071 (681 points)

I have never experienced anything worse than the jet lag after a flight home from Vancouver, BC. Nevertheless, a mere change of seven time zones interferes with my circadian rhythm for the week to come, and having to function whilst sleep-deprived was a big deal. If you have experienced worse, please feel free to share :)

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TheOtherTink Oct 30

I have experienced 6-hour jet lag, but it wasn't severe. I got used to the time change after a day or two.

Rooster Oct 31

Oh yeah! I've pretty much traveled around the world and know all about jet lag and time differences. You get used to it in time.

JamesDJones Nov 6

Jet lag is the worst thing while travelling, but after traveling so much you get used to it.

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