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Gmail. But I have also had accounts on Windows live mail and Yahoo which I rarely log in.

Kninjanin Dan

I use also Gmail, Yahoo mail and Outlook. There are also Yandex Mail, eclipso, Yandex Mail and mail.ru

Dan Dan

I guess I have also opened accounts on Yandex, Ovi mail, Rediff mail, and some others which I don't really use.

EternalSailorSol Dan

Never heard of those, at least I don't think I have. Yandex, Ovi mail, Rediff mail, I mean.


I'm some kind of modern Faustus. While he sold his soul to the devil, I've sold mine to Google. Their gmail is excellent. While I do have an email account with my ISP I never use it, but it's there as a back-up if needed.

Although they're not regular email providers, there are a number of anonymous email outlets that can be used if we don't want to give our address to somebody but need to have them contact us.
I use http://www.spamgourmet.com.
I registered once but am able to set an unlimited number of temporary addresses, as well as set the amount of time they will be maintained. So, by setting a three day limit, any spam sent after that time just disappears down the gurgler.

Kninjanin Didge

I use temporary email addresses for registration. Only a few of them enable sending messages. 

Didge Didge

I think that's fairly normal. I can't use it for sending messages either.


Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and some others that I've forgotten. :D


ATT/Yahoo and Gmail mostly. Probably the most dependable of the bunch.

I also have a couple of temp accounts that I have to have for work to contact customers with a game problem but I usually quickly delete them when I don't need them.


I use yahoo and never had a problem...

Kninjanin Platinum

Yahoo Mail is good. 

TheOtherTink Platinum

JD Welcome back!  :)


Yahoo, Gmail, Live.com