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I don't know they were more than a website.

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From the Quora review:

"Dyed in the wool hate site that uses a network of obvious sock puppet accounts to push a racist, sexist, ultranationalist agenda heavily laden with conspiracy theory. Staff not only allows but encourages theft of personal information combined with open threats of physical violence including rape and death. It's a disgusting place, AVOID."

False review.

Yes, there were socks, ultra-rightists, but also ultra-leftists; most people were perfectly ok.  I did receive one death threat, but I reported it, and he was de-activated within 24 hours. SodaHead was mostly a lot of fun. :)

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I didn't see when this was made but I was under the impression that Sodahead was gone. Like Ask.com.

Now you've made me curious!

I was never a Sodahead member but sure have heard a lot about it.