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I can understand spoken English such as news, movies, T.V programs. In fact, I watch more English videos than my native language every day. But I can't able to speak even one sentence in English properly. How can I speak English properly like an English speaker? My English feels awkward. 

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YouTube helps! Find good YouTube teachers. :) 
Also an app called: Speaky 

You can find people to exchange languages with. It's been awhile since I have been on it so I am not sure. 

You might have to find a couple of good tutorials to learn to speak it properly. It takes time like any other language. YouTube has plenty of them and maybe one would help you out. Or you could call me and I'll help you out and teach you some slang also. LOL

Dan Rooster

My English slang is very slow, struck and bad :D


You can find the native speakers on this website or on some forum or social media. 


The only suggestion I have is practice, practice, practice, if possible with native speakers.

English is my first language, German my second (which I learned from my grandmother), Spanish my third (I spent several years of my childhood in Ecuador, at which time I was fluent, but rusty now).

One trick I found useful, if there is no one to converse with, is to ask yourself how you would say something in the language you wish to learn as you go through your day's activities. For example, "Oh, what beautiful weather we're having today." or "I'm walking down the hall, but I can't seem to find the office I'm looking for.", etc.

Dan TheOtherTink

Thank you

YW. :)

I'm English and I speak proper English 

Dan TheOtherTink

Good for you :)

@ Platinum:  But what you say is sometimes not proper.  :) :P