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My Top  Picks would include:

The Searchers


True Grit (the remakes w/Jeff Bridges)

Little Big Man

Dances With Wolves

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As Rooster is my old man, I'm sure he would have a similar list for you.

Really? True Grit with Jeff Bridges? John Wayne got an Oscar for True Grit.

I agree though with the Searchers and Tombstone but I also liked Open Range.


Really.....the True Grit remake. 

Why?  Well......I used to work in film, so my take is a little bit different from the person who sits down with a bowl of popcorn to watch the movie.  I suppose it's a curse because I look at multiple things including period dialogue, background(what's everyone doing), certainly costuming.  Costuming is probably THE most expensive part of any historical movie piece----and the True Grit remake just nails it to the tenth power.  The period speech----outstanding!.  The background-----impeccably filmed.

Finally Rooster Cogburn as played by Bridges.  I think his portrayal is much, much more compelling.  I think John Wayne wore the same vests in every western he made.  Jeff Bridge's character portrayal of Rooster Cogburn is far more accurate to the period characters in the West IMO.  He's a big of a scalawag and his interpretation of the law sort of blurred the line.  The courtroom scene alone was so well done.  The weapons were A-one and Barry Pepper (an actor I like a lot) nails "Lucky Ned."  I loved his moutain top interaction with Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfield) around the fire.

So....yah.  To me, the remake rules on multiple levels.  Not that I have an opinion. ;)  Btw, total in agreement on Open Range....the only reason I didn't list it was that I was limiting myself to 5.

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I always liked "Shane".


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