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New stick for a great guitarist over Hollyweird.  Unboxing Justin Johnson.

[smoking] was it good for you?....ha.

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The video was a bit boring, despite the fact I want to know more about history.

I wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day.


admittedly, the story, a bit eclectic, is more about a pure musician playing beautifully for us all, a new, extremely unconventional instrument.  I suppose, those who are not musically appreciative of the more "outside the box" mentality may find it boring, wishing for more well traveled roads......however, to those of us who value music in it's many forms and creativity would celebrate it a bit over...."boring."

Others might value your input.


This is off topic, as I don't know how to give you a private message on this thing, but...

I am a bit of a private person. I can share somethings about myself, but not a lot. I am Canadian, a lady with a physical disability, maybe I'll share more later. But it won't be much. :) 

I am not going to be on sites like this much, in the next while, as I am a bit occupied with tasks, at the moment