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Well, it's different. But the royals I'm sure had their reasons in history to name their child "Archie"

Unlike his cousins, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis — the children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge — Archie will not be a prince, and will likely be referred to as Master Archie as he grows up.

I always think of Archie Bunker. :D

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Iʻm reminded of Archibald Cleghorn.  He was a Scottish businessman and horticulturalist who migrated to Hawaiʻi from Scotland.  He married Princess Likelike and was the father of Princess Kaʻiulani.  I think the origin of the name is German but has become associated with upper class Scots.  Very appropriate for a British Royal.


Interesting... I never heard of Archibald Cleghorn before.

And yes, Archibald is Germanic, meaning something like 'genuine(ly) bold'. I would guess it was brought to Britain by the Angles and the Saxons.