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You may ask why do I have to use it:

  • When you browse the internet using public Wi-Fi, there is a chance for your bank details and other personal information to get stolen. (Read about it here - Public wifi: why hackers love public wifi)
  • Your country, internet service provider or your workplace may block certain websites. You can access them.
  • It can make your internet slightly faster.

Try the WARP mobile App - Download WARP mobile App (free).

Desktop App coming soon - But you can use DNS resolver for your PC, for now.

Read more about WARP in the below links:-

  1. https://blog.cloudflare.com/1111-warp-better-vpn/
  2. https://blog.cloudflare.com/announcing-warp-plus/

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Sounds and looks interesting but I rarely if ever use public Wi-Fi and I use broadband at home and already have a good VPN. I will check those out though!

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I rarely use public wifi because my phone is rarely outside of my house. I used wifi in buses, once in a hotel and once in an internet cafe. Thank you for information!

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Something I've always wondered about:

How do I know a VPN provider (especially a free one) isn't stealing my personal information?

For that reason, we never put anything on our computers that we would care if everyone in the world could access, except that we use one credit card, and one only, exclusively for online shopping.

We do banking strictly in person.