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Someday I'll do a calculation on how many bovine (or taurine) flatulations one beef hamburger represents. Remember, methane is a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, as Al Gore would hasten to remind us (although his bodily proportions suggest that he is no stranger to eating a lot of corn-fed beef). :D


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I have over 80 head now but sure don't have the time to calculate how much they fart!  :D

What about the sheep I have also? :D


After careful research, I found out that ruminant burps are worse than their farts. :O

"Field cited the “classic quote from the technical literature” on the topic: “Of the CH4 (methane) produced by enteric fermentation in the forestomach 95% was excreted by eructation (burp), and from CH4 produced in the hindgut 89% was found to be excreted through the breath.”

In a nutshell, belches are bad news.

At Tuscia University in Viterbo, Italy, environmental scholar Giampiero Grossi said methane emitted by ruminant livestock accounts for about 5.5% of the greenhouse gasses that come from human activity. More than 70% of livestock emissions are from cattle, he said."


So sheep and other non-cattle livestock contribute about 30% of methane. I don't know how much of that 30% comes from camels, llamas or vicuñas, but it would be racist of me to research the latter three. :D

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letʻs see.  research is ongoing to reduce the flatulence (and belching) problems with cattle.  We also are finding progress in the use of cleaner energy.  The United States is one of the leaders in the world in reducing pollution of our lands, oceans and AIR. And I plant TREES.  Lots and lots of trees.

And Iʻll eat a burger now and then - or a nice juicy steak!

We can reduce the cow population by 80% and someone will say itʻs not enough.

We can eat venison instead and someone is going to scream about that.

Chicken farming has itʻs own issues.

Some fish is loaded with mercury.

And our vegetation is compromised by antibiotics and chemical fertilizers.  

We are omnivores and we must eat to survive. vegetable and meat - all in moderation.

With a nice chablis, perhaps!  

And plant a sequoia

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Oh man! You can ask this here but if you asked this elsewhere? The Libtards would try to crucify you! :D



Some have tried anyway, but they haven't succeeded yet. :D