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Tink is brilliant at these...see if you can do one.

Here is my terrible effort..

There once was a poet called furry
wrote limericks when life was so blurry
The cider he blamed 
for that he was famed
And his words they came out all slurry.

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This is Tink's specialty! :D

An amoeba named Max and his brother

 Were sharing a drink with each other;

 In the midst of their quaffing, 

 They split themselves laughing, 

 And each of them now is a mother.

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A cider imbiber, Sir Furry,

Would often enjoy Indian curry,

But curry and cider

(Of gas a provider)

Caused runs to the loo in a hurry.  :woot:



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Well I loved all of these. I always assumed Tink is the champ, but the others did great also!

and so I will, again, just rest on everybody else's laurels...