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Every day of his working life Keith leaves the factory with a wheelbarrow full of rubbish. Each evening after the final siren, the guard at the front gate of the factory yard silently watches Keith as he trundles past pushing a wheelbarrow full to the brim with assorted waste.

Many years pass and Keith announces his retirement. True to form, after the day’s final siren, on the day of his retirement, Keith makes his away across the yard with a wheelbarrow full of rubbish.


The guard at the front gate has decided that he has one last chance. He breaks his years of silence to ask Keith a question:

“Keith, tell me, why have you departed each day taking away rubbish?”

Keith looks surprised by the question. He stoops to let the wheelbarrow down and stands to face the guard that he may answer the question:

“Rubbish? No, I’ve been taking wheelbarrows.”

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And factory management never noticed hundreds of wheelbarrows missing every year...?

Tsk, tsk... terrible inventory bookkeeping. :D

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Actually, Sir Furry, I think the joke might be improved a bit if the guard at the gate thinks Keith is stealing stuff from the factory, hidden in the rubbish, and that every day the guard searches diligently through it all, and only lets Keith pass when he finds nothing but rubbish in the rubbish.