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Looks to me like it's a good idea to help out! Have to see in the future how this works out.

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Hi Tink,

Yes, my neighbor Donna is involved in this...but it is from your link that I learned more about the history! 

And, the article mentions "long lines outside the food banks," but I have not seen that. I actually think it might be that the food bank now allows only 3 people inside at a time, for the sake of social distancing, so it does take longer than before. I doubt very much that anyone is hungry around here; the Lions Club and others are raising all sorts of money for food and essentials.

 But the food bank brings a box to our door every other week now, so lots of people don't even need to get in any line at all. (They used to bring the food every week but we had to call and tell them not to come so often, we had more than we could eat.) I find that quite touching, and in this pandemic you see things like "the measure of a society is how it treats its most vulnerable members."

I have also seen statements like "rural America is dying..." Yes I am concerned about the rural areas, but at the same time I see people making all sorts of local connections, of which this wooden money is only one -- and I sometimes wonder if it might actually turn out that it's from a rural basis that we will rebuild our country.

Oh and here is some gossip, because our mayor is quite a colorful character in his own right -- he was drinking in the local tavern, there is only one in town and it is a dive bar. He got in a quarrel with a lady there and ended up popping her upside her head. So he got sentenced to community service, then he got re-elected as mayor and then he began his 200 hours (or something like that)!


"the measure of a society is how it treats its most vulnerable members."

"Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

Your mayor pops women on the head in dive bars...? :O   Well, I'm glad he has to serve a sentence. That's more than the BLM rioters have to do.


Tink the BLM rioters...it might be worse than that. There is a much-beloved fire chief in another tiny town near here, his mother-in-law is another neighbor of mine. And there is some violence here, highly uncharacteristic for us...and the violence is said to be paid agitators. 

For example, recently someone tried to burn a much-contended billboard along the freeway, maintained for many decades by Farmer Hamilton who is VERY right-wing (along with most people around here). But I can remember maybe 40 years ago now, there was a lawsuit over the billboard and Farmer Hamilton won, because even though you can see it from the freeway, still it is on his own private land, so he gets to keep it! But nobody EVER tried to damage it before -- I cannot see local people doing that -- due process through the courts being seen as the American Way.

The officials of these towns, police chief and fire chief, they are quite certain it is paid agitators coming in from outside the area. That is, opportunists taking advantage of the civil unrest across our nation, trying to escalate things into chaos. My other neighbor speculates that somehow there is profit in chaos...anyway, for some reason someone is paying people to foment violence.

My same neighbor Donna says a paid agitator tried to come into Tenino also, but our police chief got wind of it and put the kibosh on that.


Yes, I think there are some paid agitators.

And I think some of the rioters are in it just for the loot, once it's clear they won't be prosecuted.