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Because here he is defending the working class! (You have to start this video at around 20 seconds, to see Tucker Carlson.) This link below says he is the most-watched commentator on cable something now...

I first learned about him from Tink, when he interviewed Bret Weinstein from Evergreen State College (near Olympia, WA, in 2017). So I watch him occasionally...and, if Carlson ever just cut loose from the corporate line and really followed his own very bright mind and incisive reasoning, he would TRULY be a force to be reckoned with! He must get away with messages like this one because of his superb ratings...

(Trigger alert; this channel might be left-wing overall, I cannot really tell though.)

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I would say nothing  is up with Tucker Carlson.

He has made this point before — that the Democrats are working toward creating a society of super-rich elites governing an underclass of people dependent on government, while the beleaguered middle class slowly disappears, and that far too many Republicans are content to stand by and let it happen.

It is no accident that he is the highest-rated opinion show host ever. He has exactly identified what's wrong.

BTW, Virginia, take a look at Chris Wallace sometime. He is a Sunday Fox News host that frequently asks very  tough questions of Republicans, questions of a kind that no  other network would ask of Democrats. It is evident (at least to my mind) that certain shows on Fox are indeed the closest thing to "fair and balanced" that one can find on TV.


I will remember his name, Tink -- Chris Wallace -- ty. I don't actually watch the network news much, I hit some really bad ones on CNN then to FOX, not sure who I encountered but I did not go back. THEN I found Rachel Maddow -- not sure if she is L or R, but that was another bad day Whew! 

I mainly go to alternative news now, and even that rather cautiously...so Wallace will be interesting to check out.

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