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I've never been to Biggleswade before (2:41). Must be a place where you had to wade across a stream at one time.  :ermm:


could be...I tried looking up "swade," as in Biggle Swade, but it is not in the Scrabble dictionary...although there IS an acronym, Surface Wave Dynamics Experiment, do you suppose that was around in 1939? ;)


This is what I just found:

" Biggleswade - Anglo Saxon from a personal name ‘Biceil’ & ‘Waed’, meaning ford."



Oh that link is delightful...reminiscent of those (mostly) bygone days when an economy was actually based on productivity rather than stock market Ponzi bubbles; "the bustling London markets, such as Covent Garden, with fresh vegetables flowing from the town, while Biggleswade received horse manure, sent by rail from London stables to enrich the sandy soil."

Biggleswade...these delightful names of richly sourced British heritage...Mrs. Wilberforce of LADYKILLERS fame, my friend from Mt. Baker, Fern Postlethwaite, and then I am quite certain Mrs. Fotheringill was a character in something British...