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Fascinating!  I remember being mesmerized by the house of tomorrow in Disneyland back in the 50's.  


Well, Monsanto got some of it right.

Here is another prediction from the 50s. :D

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Live to fifty years in the suburbs and pay a penny to get there..Mmmmm

Q and X aren’t in the Welsh alphabet...

Damn....we still have insects..and horses.

Haven’t come across a silent city...

Everyone will walk ten miles..no -I’m a weakling!


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"...and a penny will pay the fare!" Well I just checked on the inflation, and 1¢ in 1901 would be 21¢ in 2001. I don't recall for certain, but wasn't bus fare around 50¢ in 2001?

omg they wanted to take away our C, X, and Q from the alphabet! Might as well hand us over to Wales, with its hissing double LL's...

Oh, I wish modern times had emphasized our physical fitness, as predicted...everybody walking ten miles?THAT was certainly too optimistic. And oh goodness! Shells that travel as much as 25 miles or more...blowing stuff up from such a great distance...25 whole miles.

Well it's a remarkable documentation, a great find, Tink

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Humans will live in  other planets.


We will eventually but 100 years from now is a bit optimistic...:D

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