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Major League Cricket (MLC) is an upcoming professional Twenty20 cricket league in the United States. It plans to begin to play in 2022.


These are the clips from BBL, a Cricket league from Australia.


Wolverine - Xmen about Cricket

Thor about Cricket

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Probably not, since I don't watch baseball.

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 I have a suspicion that the USA are the reigning Olympic cricket champions.It never got played again.

I am a huge cricket fan and 20/20 is the second shortest form of the game.Adverts after every over will suit 

the Americans( but the breaks will be swift),a twenty minute interval.so lots of adverts ,and the game done in under three hours.

A five day test match in which no one might win is better but to answer your question-yes.I’ll watch it.

There are two tournaments being shown on British TV this week.

And this is the way cricket breaks into America,The expats from the West Indies and Asia will roll up.

Just find a period when when no major American sport is reaching it’s climax.And FanCode in India will probably ensure millions of overseas viewers.

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Naw, rather watch Baseball at times, which isn't much. Only Cricket match I ever watched bored me to death!

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No, but I would gladly travel to the UK or to India to watch a cricket game! :D  <3