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(see the end of the clip for the possible answer)

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Well isn't YT just a treasure trove of information? I recall as a child, reading everything I could find about Korea; and I still remember, the rice farmers there would all compete to build the prettiest outhouses along the roadside to attract passersby to contribute their fertilizer to the farmers' fields...this book was at least 1950's, and maybe earlier so I don't know if they still do that...

...but this video makes you wonder how human history ever survived all the intimate exposure to gut flora...and the video talks about suffocation from the aroma, that would be like chemical warfare of WWI...! 

One bit of trivia I still remember, is that throughout history you could not really construct buildings higher than three stories; people just couldn't get their belongings, not to mention themselves, up all those stairs. Then the elevator was invented, and suddenly you had skyscrapers! Well now I wonder about the indoor flushing loo, might that have been just as limiting for the height of tall buildings through the ages...?


Well, they didn't have indoor plumbing in those days, so to save themselves the trouble of going to the outhouse in the middle of the night (especially in winter :O), they invented chamber pots instead.

In German, the word is a more picturesque "Nachttopf," literally "night pot."