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Some of themwere plain hilarious,some were short history videos(especially about castles),but some delivered very serious messages..

So I shall drop a few here.

Feel free to post examples from your own country.

First one

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The only "supposed" educational films I saw during the 70's were Army Special forces crap! LOL

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I was born in 1994. So, I don't know any 'public information films' of the 70s. Also, till the late 90s, we had only 1 TV channel which telecast programs in the Hindi language which we don't understand in our state. People in our state speak Tamil. There was only one show which was dubbed from Hindi to Tamil and aired 1 hour per week. At the end of the show, there is some public information.

And this is the first superhero show in India, with few concepts from Superman (Green kryptonite weakens Superman, here in this show some stone weakens the superhero).

After the availability of Tamil channels, people here stopped watching Hindi content.

There are also other kids' shows from Hindi dubbed into Tamil and shown on Tamil TV channels. Then later they stopped.

Kid with a magic pencil. Where the drawings become reality.

Then they started to telecast original Tamil shows

There are also Tamil dubbed English shows in Kids channels. or English shows.

(familiar with the theme song)


Some Indian Super Hero Movies:-

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Dropping in this one


Is the phone number still the same today?